SpiritNow Psychic Review

SpiritNow Psychic Review

There is almost an epidemic of psychic networks that pop up every day on the internet. This goes to show that more and more people are interested in connecting with a psychic to help them with their lives and struggles. SpiritNow is just another one that has appeared over the last few years and this review will help you decide if it is one that you want to try out.

About SpiritNow Psychics

SpiritNow psychic network offers free services to its clients as well as paid services. It can be difficult to find a network that is going to work for you, so here we have provided a bit more information which will hopefully help you sort out all the information. This site offers a whole array of services that you might find very useful. They have a good following of clients so obviously many people find this service valuable.

Types of Readings at SpiritNow

The SpiritNow psychic network offers chat readings with the psychics that they have chosen to be part of their network. They offer advice specifically on matters of love, finance, finding your soul mate, as well as other relationship issues, and of course money problems. You can also answer quizzes on determining your very own psychic abilities which is fun.

Pros and Cons of SpiritNow Psychic Network

SpiritNow psychic network does offer some free psychic advice but after the first minute you will end up paying anywhere from $1 to $2 a minute. They offer a section called ‘Ask a free psychic question’ and they also offer angel messages and daily free horoscopes to their members.

You can get five minutes of free love advice but in order to access some of these offers, you have to provide a lot of personal information. They offer an e-store in which you can purchase a few interesting items including Chinese horoscopes for $5. They even have a contest where you can win a free one hour reading as well.

Other than a few interesting perks, the site overall is very generic and doesn’t really seem to have the professionalism of its competitors. The charges are hard to figure out and their dream interpretation dictionary is not very comprehensive and there are a lot of better ones available.

Conclusion of SpiritNow

Overall SpiritNow is not very inspiring and really doesn’t offer anything more than most of the psychic network sites out there. If you just want to dabble in a few sites and grab the freebies, then you can certainly give SpiritNow a shot. But if you are looking for a really comprehensive psychic session, then there are way better options available that you are better, for spending your time and money on, and see the results that you really want to see.