Questions You Shouldn’t Never Ask

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Psychic Reader

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Psychic Reader


When I’m talking to people about going to go see a psychic reader, many times we talk about what they want to know and what kind of questions they should ask. But there is something else we should talk about and that is what questions you shouldn’t ask a psychic reader.

Sometimes there are just things that you should probably not talk about or something that psychics will not be able to answer. So if you know what these are, you can ensure that your reading is focused on things that you can get to rather than things that are going to be a waste of time and money.

First of all, you should probably avoid questions that come across as challenging such as why have I not found the love of my life yet. When you meet a psychic head on with a question that could seem a bit confrontational or that can already put the psychic on the defensive that is not a good thing. You really want to keep the space open for a good, honest, and interactive session.

So asking more open minded questions like what can I do to attract the love of my life might be a bit more appropriate. You are still the master of your own life, so you want to keep control to a certain extent. You want to find out what information you can use to improve your life, not start off with a more assertive question or problem.

You don’t want to end up blaming anyone for your life and the way it is now. If things have not transpired that you were hoping for then it’s good to ask the question, what can I do differently?

Second of all, stay away from asking your psychic reader to cast a spell or put a curse on someone. Any kind of black magic type stuff is not what a psychic gets into and even asking it can just be a waste of your time again. That role is not something that a psychic is there for. Although psychics come from many different backgrounds and schools of study, you need to find out what they specialize in before you jump into a session.

If you are looking seriously at some kind of witchcraft, then you are best to look at trying to locate a witch not a psychic. Again, check out their bios or websites to find out exactly what kind of medium they use or what things they specialize in. you can always ask the question before your session if you are not clear. And if you want to ask something really specific like casting a spell on someone you should let that be known on the onset.

Next, you should really avoid the unanswerable question on when you are going to die. Psychics don’t really have access to this information and because there are so many different elements and variables that come into play, if a psychic does tell you exact information on this, it’s probably not a good idea to listen to them or to return for another session.

Who really wants to know this question anyway? There are some many other things that you should be doing rather than worrying about this – like exactly how you can live and enjoy each day to its fullest no matter what.

So as you can see, it’s best to focus your session on positive ways you can improve your life and find true joy and happiness. Try to let go of vengeance, or trying to find out when it’s all going to be over and live the best way that you can.


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