Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them

Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them


Sometimes when we are at our most vulnerable, we can be taken advantage of. Those who like to prey on victims and create scams go out of their way to find those who are the easiest targets. And if you are someone who falls into that category from time to time it is really worth your while to take some additional cautionary steps so that you don’t get scammed.

If you are looking for a psychic to help guide you and provide some direction, then you might what to learn how to avoid getting scammed by a psychic first. Many psychics are very legitimate and have good reputations that they have earned honestly and through hard work. But unfortunately there are just as many, if not more, dishonest psychics out there who are just after your money.

One of the more popular scams is when the psychic advises you that they see a curse or darkness surrounding you that they can ‘lift’ or ‘cure’ for a fee. Then on top of that fee, they might also work to convince you to purchase other items from them such as prayer cards or crystals. If buying something is pushed on you or part of the condition to being ‘cured’, walk the other way.

And as with anything that you want to purchase, it is always good common sense just to avoid very pushy and aggressive psychics. If they are legit, there is no reason to bully you into a session or tell you that you really have to purchase their services or more bad things will happen to you. Other scams include psychics that state that their services are ‘free’ but then start adding on additional charges down the line.

If a psychic contacts you first trying to sell their services, forget it. Real psychics are not out there hawking their wares, and if they are really that good and reputable, then usually don’t even need to overtly advertise.

Good psychics are not free and they are not usually cheap. An hour session can run as high as $100 and that fee should be determined up front and remain fixed. If part way through a session, or right before a good part, they stop and ask for more money before they reveal the whole truth, you just got ripped off. No real psychic will leave you wondering or hanging in mid session.

You really need to use some of your own psychic abilities or intuition to help you avoid scammers. That little voice in your head that says run is usually right, so you are really better off if you just listen. Having a little bit of skepticism can be a good thing and help you choose the right psychic that will work for you.


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