Online Readings

Online Psychic Readings

Online psychic readings are actually deviations (innovations) from conventional practices.  It makes use of specific technological advances in order to deliver services to more people regardless of physical distance.  With online psychic readings, there is an attempt to retrieve information using clairvoyance with resulting statements being made during the process.

The service is commonly attributed to paid paranormal consultation methods traditionally held over the phone, a home, or even in psychic fairs.  Much like its conventional counterpart, online psychic readings have remained controversial at the very least.

It is undeniable that a popular and common interest surrounds psychic readings.  This is perhaps one of the reasons for the proliferation of the service and its eventual transformation into online psychic readings.  The main concern of clients is to distinguish between pseudo-psychics and genuinely gifted ones.  This unfortunately can be quite difficult to achieve because majority of consultations that happen even with online psychic readings are through word of mouth endorsements.

Distant Readings and Online Psychic Readings

There are definitely various types of psychic readings being done depending on the need of the client.  Based on the practices and methods used by online psychic readings, the closest basis would be distant reading.  In this type of psychic practice, which is also known as remote perception or travelling clairvoyance, the sessions are conducted without a face to face meeting with the client.  It may also make use of items like letters, SMS, telephone calls, chat, Email, and webcam readings among others.

As you can see with the methodology, almost everything is based on the Internet technology to deliver psychic readings.  In this context, it can be seen as the basis for the establishment of online psychic readings.   Moreover, distant readings can also make use of specially drafted forms which may be posted on the website.

Once the client has submitted the answers to all the questions, a number of hours or days may pass before a response can be received.  It is entirely possible that the client may be required to send a photo to complete the online psychic readings.  This is done to create a stronger connection between the psychic and the client.

Common Mediums for Online Psychic Readings

It is important to understand that online psychic readings do not only rely on Internet technology, although the bulk of the sessions are done via this technology, but also makes use of other methods.

It is likewise vital to get a perception on how the methods work in order to determine which works best for you or what can be more comfortable for your needs. Equally important is to remember that the methods normally do not affect the results which mean that there should be no significant variation.

However, you can expect some significant differences in the charges based on the methods that you use.  Because of this, online psychic readings normally give clients the option of choosing which medium to use.  Some of the common mediums used are:

Telephone readings: These are live readings wherein the voice of the client is the basis for the connection.  In terms of online psychic readings, this makes use of a Premium Rate number which means that the client pays for the amount of time that they consume talking to the psychic.  This is normally associated with companies instead of individual psychics because it can be significantly expensive to setup.

SMS and Chat: These are two mediums which make use of Internet technology.  Normally, the Chat sessions are more of a question and answer format, rather than an exchange or discussion between the psychic and the client.  In this form of online psychic readings, basic information may be required to establish the connection.

Webcam or video chat reading: This is perhaps the closest that online psychic readings can come to traditional methods.  This is because it gives the psychic a chance to meet and see the client using prevailing Internet technology.  This delivers real time connection with the full functionality of seeing and hearing what both sides are saying.  This is considered as the best option for online psychic readings because of the availability of all possible means of connection in real time.

Common Free Services for Online Psychic Readings

Since online psychic readings are considered primarily as businesses, they do offer some free services as a come on for potential clients.  These services are actually provided in order to increase the curiosity or interest of the client in order to make them avail of paid services.

Keep in mind though that not all online psychic readings may offer these services for free.  It is also entirely possible that other services may be offered by other online psychic readings for free.

Soul mate readings: this type of free service offered by online psychic readers allows you to know about special souls that you have encountered for mutual benefits.  These are not limited to lovers but can also include friends, relatives, and even spouses.

Past life readings: this shows how situations and people from your past lives can have an effect on your current situation.  Online psychic readings may help you overcome some of the pitfalls you are currently experiencing.  It also allows you to draw on past life experiences, talents, and even purposes to make your present life more meaningful.

Angel readings: in general, angels are known to deliver love, guidance, comfort, and healing.  It is assumed that online psychic readings that offer this service are guided by spiritual wisdom, which is shared from their own angels or those that surround the client.  This type of service may also summon religious or spiritual entities that have a special bond with either the psychic or the client.

Taking into consideration all of these information may help you to learn how to appreciate online psychic readings.  Keep in mind though that this type of service is based mostly on the belief of the client. Moreover, results of psychic readings may be taken seriously or at face value depending on the preference of the client.