Upcoming Psychic Ditches Office Job and Tries to Become “The One”

Upcoming Psychic Ditches Office Job and Tries to Become “The One”

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Believing is a very, very powerful tool

Believing in psychics and psychic ability isnt always something that comes naturally to us as humans. In fact, many of us demand to see proof, real-life examples, or even guarantees before we open ourselves up to the idea that spiritual readings and psychics may in fact have meaning behind them. Thankfully those real-life examples and the proof that comes with it are becoming far more common as our society evolves and some exceptional psychics begin to surface.

Australia’s newest and brightest television show, The One, is proof of just that.

In fact one inspiring young man has used the opportunity to put together real credentials, prove his appeals, and ditch his boring day job at the same time. This is one show that we will all definitely be tuning into it, as to us there is nothing better than seeing new psychics prove just how wonderful psychic readings can be.

If the show makes even one non-believer start to realize just how much can be accomplished through psychics, then it makes a winner out of all of us…..not just Salvatore Trimboli

For the believers, Trimboli’s pathway to The One seemingly has a sense of fate about it – he found details about completing an online test sitting in his junk E-mail on the night before applications closed.

Luckily for him he submitted a hasty application and survived each progressive cull to make it to the final 10 from about 1000 wannabes.

The show’s concept involves contestants tackling a series of challenges, on location and in front of a studio audience, designed to test their alleged abilities.

Last week’s first episode involved psychics being given 15 minutes to find a helicopter in a pine forest using a personal item connected to the pilot.

Tonight’s has them trying to find a thief on a crowded train.

There’s two opposing judges, metaphysicist Stacey Demarco and Richard Saunders, vice-president of the Australian Skeptics.

Trimboli, who claims to have had a dream about the Japanese tsunami two days before it happened, says he signed up for the show to challenge himself.

‘‘[It was] just to try and challenge my abilities and see how well I could go,” he explains.

”I don’t care about the label [Australia’s most gifted psychic]. It’s just more about helping people.’’

Asked about viewers questioning the credibility of psychics, Trimboli says he welcomes the scrutiny.

‘‘I really like being sceptical about even other psychics as well, because people do get things wrong,’’ he concedes.

‘‘Everyone gets things wrong but it’s just a matter of the integrity of your work and where you’re coming from most importantly.’’

For now, Trimboli plans to use The One as a springboard to further his newfound career.

He says the show is designed to entertain and he’s relished trying new things.

Trimboli was one of only four psychics who successfully found the helicopter in last week’s episode, correctly describing having to cross a stream and then head left to its location.

‘‘Well that’s the thing,’’ says Trimboli. ‘‘We don’t really do those sorts of challenges every day. I mean we just talk to people.

‘‘I have to honestly say that I would never be given the opportunity to do the challenges and those sorts of things on that sort of scale. So I really appreciated it.’’

More importantly, Trimboli, a quietly spoken and humble young man, says his confidence has grown as a result of the show and he now feels empowered to be himself.

Most of his family and friends have been kept in the dark about his career, until now.

‘‘I believe in myself more now since I’ve done the show,’’ he says proudly.

The trick will be making others do the same.

Powerful, powerful stuff to say the least, don’t you think?

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