Psychic Readings Not Just for Hopeless Romantics or Lottery Seekers Anymore

Psychic Readings Not Just for Hopeless Romantics or Lottery Seekers Anymore

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Often times it is assumed that only a certain type of person believes in psychics and seeks out psychic readings, however that tide has been changing for as long as most of us can remember. More and more people are open to spiritual readings and there is more proof than ever about just how much certain psychics can predict.

Further proof of this change in culture and growth in acceptance of psychics and psychic readings is the new influx of wall street brokers and high powered financial experts that are now turning to psychics for help in these uncertain times.

The uncertainty of the markets has everyone reeling, from politicians to economists to plain old financial civilians.

Even investment bankers are stressed – and now, according to one reporter, big money Wall Streeters are now going to psychics.

Here to talk to us in today’s Mid-day Extra about the current clientele frequenting New York’s psychic dens is reporter Diana Spechler who wrote the story for New York magazine.

She says that after consulting with tons of psychics in the New York area, they’ve all experience the same trend.

In the past few years — and even more in the past few weeks – more and more men working on Wall Street have streamed into psychic dens. It seems they have a lot of questions about their future, and they want answers.

Needless to say, it is pretty obvious that you do not have to just be desperate for love or completely down on your luck in order to see a psychic and opt for a live psychic reading. If powerful wall street analysts can trust psychics for proper advice, then you start to realize that the opportunities to benefit from a psychic reading are practically endless.

Wall Street Suits Turn to Psychics for Help