Is Psychic Ability a Special Gift or Something We Are All Capable Of?

Is Psychic Ability a Special Gift or Something We Are All Capable Of?

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You will find a lot of different personalities in the psychic world, and a lot of people with completely different beliefs even though they may in reality agree for the most part. One prime example of this is how some psychics believe their abilities are a gift that only themselves hold, while others feel that everyone in the world has psychic powers in some form or another.

So we here at thought it would be a nice to change of pace to feature someone that in a way believes in both of those trains of thought. A recent interview surfaced discussing psychic beliefs and abilities with Heather Paterson. What made her interview special in our eyes is the fact that she is an incredibly gifted and talented psychic yet holds the belief that anyone and everyone can get in touch with their psychic gifts if given the chance.

“The mere thought of paranormal activity is enough to frighten some.

But for Heather Paterson, hearing, seeing and sensing the dead is all part of everyday life.

A former registered nurse turned full-time psychic and clairvoyant, Heather said she had been “blessed” with the ability to communicate with the spirit world.

“There are different ways in which I communicate with spirit,” the mother of two says on herwebsite.

“I am clairvoyant (I see spirit), clairsentient (I sense spirit) and am clairaudient (I hear spirit).”

People from across the Coast and Australia contact her for psychic readings, where the medium passes on messages from an individual’s spirit guides and uses her unique gift to help others, heal, connect with dead loved ones, solve unanswered questions and offer guidance.

“There are a lot of reasons why people come to me,” she said.

“Some want to get in touch with someone who has died.

“Or after a traumatic event, they want to know if there is life after death.

“Other people have lost direction in their life and come in because they want guidance.

“Some people come in because they just want to know what it’s like to have a reading.”

Each individual reading was different, she said, adding, “It’s wonderful because I never know what I’m going to see.”

Born in Scotland, the psychic said she knew early that she possessed a “special gift”, one which she shared with her mother and grandfather.

Her earliest psychic encounter occurred when she was about seven years old.

Heather said her grandmother had been sent to hospital with a broken hip but during the night, her grandmother’s spirit visited to say, “… time was up, she was going home and wanted to say goodbye”.

“The next day, my aunt came and told me that my grandmother had a turn for the worst and had passed away during the night. But, of course, I already knew that she had gone,” Heather said.

After conducting readings for about 20 years, the psychic believes there is no such thing as death.

“When people die, they simply move into another dimension or place,” Heather said.

And she believes everybody holds the power to “tune-in” to the spirit world.”

As you can see Heather stands firmly behind her beliefs, and has proven to be one of the most open, gifted, and honest psychics out there. Personally, we would love to see this type of attitude become more rampant in the psychic world. Psychics should never be about their ego or even their personality, as the best of the best understand that they owe their gift to someone else and are reliant on so many other variables to be successful.

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