Murdered Housewife Featured on Psychic Reality TV Show Without Permission

Murdered Housewife Featured on Psychic Reality TV Show Without Permission

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Here at we discussed the new psychic show “The One” before it aired on Australian TV, andnhow we have just found out that the show has ended surrounding a swirl of controversy. Throughout the course of the show psychics were given tasks and presented with the opportunity to prove their abilities by solving unsolved crimes and uncovering as many mysteries as possible.

However, the unfortunate part seems to be that no one notified the family of a murder victim who would be featured on the show itself. Murdered housewife Kerry Whelan was the main feature of one of the episode’s as psychics were given the task of trying to find her still missing body, yet no one from the show thought to ask her family for permission or even notify them of what would be happening:

THE family of murdered housewife Kerry Whelan is furious with Channel Seven for turning her death into a game on psychic show The One.

Bernie Whelan said his family is distraught that no one from Channel Seven contacted them about using Mrs Whelan’s disappearance and murder as part of the TV show where psychics tried to find her remains.

Mrs Whelan disappeared in 1997 and was murdered by convicted killer Bruce Burrell, but her body has never been found.

“The first we knew of this was on the weekend when we were watching TV and saw Kerrie’s face pop up,” Mr Whelan said.

“No one ever contacted us and we’ve always been co-operative with the media.

“They’ve turned Kerrie’s murder into a game show.”

Comment is being sought by Channel Seven”

We have been big fans of the show since airing, and love the fact that psychics are now entering the mainstream world of reality TV, but there is no denying that the owe the Whelan family an apology for this one. No one should have their family featured on a TV show without offering their permission, and this is not the way these painful memories should have to be brought up.

With that all said and in mind, we still love how much publicity this show has brought to the psychic world and hope that an American version will break onto national TV soon. The producers just need to make sure they do their due diligence first.

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