Kansas City Psychic Accurately Predicts Start Date and Time of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Kansas City Psychic Accurately Predicts Start Date and Time of Occupy Wall Street Movement

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There is nothing we like more here at FreePsychicReview.com than when psychics and their ability are featured in the mainstream media. And that is especially true when a psychic’s abilities are proven through a prediction they made, or a foreshadowing that came to life within a major news event.

Thankfully, Steve MacDonald has recently made the news with the perfect example of one of those predictions…….and this one pertains to the Occupy Wall Street movement that has been featured front and center on our radios, televisions, online, and within newspapers for the last few weeks.

It seems, further proof notwithstanding, that MacDonald was able to accurately predict the exact date and time of when the movement would start during an annual psychic prediction meeting in Kansas City.

Steven accurately stated that:

“ The lower class and/or middle class revolt will be Sept. 17, at 3:45 p.m”

For more details on this stunning prediction, continue reading below:

Now this is spooky. A Kansas City psychic is claiming that, back in January, he predicted the date and time — down to the minute! — that the Wall Street protests would begin. Not only that, but he has an audio recording of his prediction, and the prediction was written up by a local periodical shortly after he made it.

The prediction occurred at Aquarius (Kansas City’s New Age and Metaphysical Store) during an annual panel of psychics giving their predictions for the coming year. At one point, Steve MacDonald (a participating psychic), was asked when he thought the lower classes would decide they’ve had enough and revolt against their corporate overlords. MacDonald gave a much more specific answer than the questioner expected. His answer was quoted in a write up of the event published on January 24th by the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

You can read the full story via Fox News here