Are Telephone Psychic Readings More Accurate than In-Person Readings?

Are Telephone Psychic Readings More Accurate than In-Person Readings?

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With the age of the internet and the progression of technology, there are far more options available to us when seeking out psychic readings. The fact that you no longer have to head downtown to find some seedy psychic shop tucked away in a dark alley has meant that psychic readings have also become far more popular.

While in-person readings used to be all the rage, and now online readings are gaining in popularity, there are many in the community that still feel that telephone psychic readings are still the best option overall.

As outlined in this video, it has been proven that many psychics can consciously or even unconsciously pick up hints and signs when looking at your facial expressions and asking you questions in person. Over the phone you can negate all that risk and allow the psychic to really tap into their ability with any of those distractions:

The Benefits of Telephone Readings

Later on in the video, the discussion of what is “psychic energy” is brought up and the video creator gives us some insight on the oft-debated topic. Understanding the role of spirit guides and psychic energy really helps to understand why a telephone reading is not only more convenient, but also often much more insightful.