Anderson Cooper in Awe Over John Edward’s Psychic Abilities

Anderson Cooper in Awe Over John Edward’s Psychic Abilities

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Anderson Cooper is well known as one of the most skeptical news personalities out there today, and one of the anchors that is even more well known for busting scams, knocking people back to reality, and being critical of anything that isn’t “proven”.

That is precisely why that many people were anticipating the so called “showdown” between Cooper and his most recent guest-psychic John Edward. Many doubters anticipated that Cooper would call out Edward, prove that he is incapable of really contacting spirits or making predictions, and ultimately take another so called step towards proving that real psychic ability does not exist.

Well, as of right now it seems that this is the exact OPPOSITE of what actually happened. As you can see in this short preview clip, immediately after sitting down together Mr. Edward contacts Cooper’s father and begins mentioning, noting, and discussing memories from his childhood.

While the video is not nearly long enough to get a feel for the whole conversation or where the interview leads, the look on Anderson Cooper’s face is enough to show that his belief in psychic ability has already dramatically increased.

Take a look for yourself, as Cooper sits in shock with his mouth hanging open after Edward starts describing certain parts of his father’s farm and where Anderson liked to play as a child:

Cooper and Edward Interview

Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the whole interview and are even more thrilled about the attention that this episode should receive.

There’s not a lot you or anyone can do in order to turn sceptics into believers, but having the spotlight on John Edward and his obvious ability will certainly leave a lasting impression on anyone that tunes into the show.