Psychic Networks Vs. Independent Psychics

Psychic Networks Vs. Independent Psychics

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 21, 2011

Getting psychic readings is becoming more and more popular all the time – and with good reason. As it is becoming more mainstream, people share their positive experience with others and the momentum keeps building. And in times when people are struggling, turning to a psychic for guidance and support is working and anything that works is a good thing.

I have people ask me all the time now which is better – a psychic network or an independent psychic. And there are many different ways to look at that question so here I’ve put together a bit more information that can help you to decide which route you want to take.

The good news overall, no matter which choice you make is that finding a psychic or a psychic network is a lot easier now that it was even ten years ago. With the internet and other social media networks people are able to promote themselves and their services a lot better. And people are much more apt to help promote their psychics even on Facebook. So it is not like the olden days when you were lucky to find someone who promoted themselves through the yellow pages.

And as online psychics also gain in popularity there are even more options available for everyone. This means that you are not limited to finding someone right where you live – you can connect with a psychic or a psychic network all over the world and still have a very valuable experience.

So when it comes to independent psychics the biggest disadvantage over a network is that there is no one else to oversee them or even support or critique their ‘work’ per se. Anyone can just put it out there that they are qualified to be a psychic and start doling out advice. There is no regulatory body that certifies people to become a psychic so you can run into people who call themselves a psychic but who really don’t know what they are doing.

Even if you do your due diligence, it can be challenging to find out that a psychic is fake until after your session and after you have spent your money. Chances are you won’t be able to get your money back either, so it can be a real deterrent if you don’t know for sure that someone is real.

With a psychic network on the other hand, the organization or company that oversees the psychics’ interviews and screens potential psychics before they can join. So fakes are busted right at the get go, and that sure saves you the hassle of trying to find out that information yourself.

And with a psychic network if you find that you don’t click with the psychic you are using, you can generally switch to another one without too much hassle and without spending too much money. This means you have access to many more psychics to choose from and you won’t have to go on a lengthy search to find someone else. This reason alone is worth trying out a network.