Psychic Networks vs Independent Psychics

Psychic Networks Vs. Independent Psychics

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 21, 2011

Getting a psychic reading is becoming increasingly popular by time – and with all good reason. As psychic reading becomes more mainstream, people share their positive experiences with others. As more and more people share their reviews, the momentum keeps on building. In times when people are struggling, turning to a psychic for guidance and support works wonders. Essentially, for a troubled soul, anything that works is a good thing. Psychic reading is more of spiritual guidance for your soul than just a clairvoyant predicting your fate. Therefore much effort, skill, and spiritual energy go into a psychic reading. When it comes to psychic reading, there are two options to avail. The first one is to affiliate yourself to psychic networks. The second is to choose from the sea of independent psychics.

I have people ask me all the time now which is better – a psychic network or an independent psychic. There are many different ways to look at this question. Both psychic networks and independent psychics have their own perks. It all depends on your comfort and requirements. If you are new to this, then you should definitely do thorough research before reaching a decision. After all, psychic reading has the capability to influence your subconscious profoundly. Therefore, here I’ve put together a bit more information to help you with your dilemma.


The good news overall, no matter which choice you make, is that finding a psychic or a psychic network is a lot easier now than it was even ten years ago. With the internet and other social media networks, people can promote themselves and their services a lot better. And people are much more apt to help promote their psychics, even on Facebook. So it is not like the olden days when you were lucky to find someone who promoted themselves through the yellow pages.

Speaking of that, whether you decide to affiliate yourself to psychic networks or an independent psychic, it is up to you. You are the one who is in charge of a psychic reading. Needless to say, if you keep your subconscious steady, all your psychic readings will be successful. Though the skill of the psychic matters, it is the energy that you project that holds you accountable. Therefore, whether it is psychic free or psychic paid, your energy matters the most.

And as online psychics also gain in popularity, there are even more options available for everyone. This means that you are not limited to finding someone right where you live – you can connect with a psychic or a psychic network all over the world and still have a very valuable experience.


So when it comes to independent psychics, the most significant disadvantage over a network is that there is no one else to oversee them or even support or critique their ‘work’ per se. Anyone can just put it out there that they are qualified to be a psychic and start doling out advice. There is no regulatory body that certifies people to become a psychic. Eventually, you will run into people who call themselves a psychic but don’t know what they are doing. Independent psychics means freelance psychics. They do not have an agency to trace back to. They work independently and are their bosses.

In the worst possible cases, rather than solutions, people are left with more problems. Even if you do your due diligence, it can be challenging to determine if a psychic is fake. Until after your session and after you have spent your money. Chances are you won’t be able to get your money back either, so it can be a real deterrent if you don’t know for sure that someone is genuine. Moreover, you might as well fail to warn others against such scammers. They are in sole control over the reviews and constantly change their digital identities.

On the other hand, the organization or company that oversees the psychics’ interviews screens potential psychics before joining with a psychic network. So fakes are busted right at the get-go, and that sure saves you the hassle of trying to find out that information yourself. Many organizational setups provide legitimate psychic information. Not only do they provide good psychics, but also their advantages, psychic means, and other psychic services. Most of them are concerned with amassing details of legitimate psychics on their websites.

Moreover, if you observe that you don’t click with the psychic you are using, you can simply switch to another one with a psychic network. It isn’t too much hassle and doesn’t require spending too much money. It simply means you have access to many more psychics to choose from, and you won’t have to go on a quest to find someone else. This reason alone is worth trying out a network.

With psychic networks, you have a plethora of options to choose from the lot. You also have an array of services laid out before you. In contrast to an independent psychic, a psychic network can provide you a bouquet of related services. An independent psychic can only provide so much than a couple of services. It is common human knowledge that mastering an art such as psychic knowledge is a tough nut to crack. No doubt, a single psychic cannot provide you with all the services.


On a more definitive note, psychic networks are efficient, regularly updated and trustworthy. Moreover, not only do they take special care of the seekers but also of the psychics. Psychics that are well taken care of portray excellence in their services. Excellent services lead to happy customers. If it is asked to me, I definitely prefer a psychic network over an independent psychic.

I wouldn’t advise against an independent psychic. But, what to do if you feel drawn to the energy of a particular individual psychic? I would suggest you do in-depth research before reaching a conclusion. Once you find that convincing, then go for it.

Otherwise, always keep in mind that there are several psychic networks to choose from on the internet. A psychic network ensures that your data, money, and time are in safe hands. So why wait? Find a psychic network and jam in a psychic reading!

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