Psychic Center Review

Psychic Center Review

The Psychic Center is one of the oldest networks available today. Their team of psychics is available all day, every day and so no matter when you want to connect, you can. They offer many services and have gained a fairly large following of happy customers, and we think happy customers says a lot about a network.

About Psychic Center

There are many psychics that are available through this online network. Their site seems a little outdated and overwhelming, but if you have the time you can find just about anything you need help with right there.

Types of Readings at Psychic Center

The Psychic Center has gone out of their way to offer a very wide range of services and readings for their clients. They have tarot card readings, horoscopes, numerology, Chinese astrology as well as their specialty which is selling astrological charts.

Pros and Cons of Psychic Center

The Psychic Center offers a lot of different services for their customers, so that no matter what kind of issue you are dealing with, you should be able to find a psychic who specializes in that area who can help you sort things out. Sometimes it can just be very helpful to have someone else look at your life and see things more clearly.

Psychic Center does offer a great deal for first time customers – you can get 10 minutes for just $1. This is one of the best deals in town for sure and their regular rates are very reasonable.

The biggest caution that we cite with the Psychic Center is that they don’t seem to screen their team of psychics as much as other sites on the net today. In fact, there are so many psychics to choose from we almost have to wonder if they are more concerned with quantity rather than quality.

There seems to be high turnover in psychics as well, as we noticed a few psychics one day who then mysteriously disappeared the next.

It can be easy, a little too easy really, to join this network as a psychic. Anyone can sign up to be a psychic if you feel you have something to offer other people. It would be better if the Psychic Center was a little more discriminating on who they allow to offer services.

Conclusion of Psychic Center

Overall, the services offered through the Psychic Center are good and they seem to have quite a few happy customers. But it can be a bit of a shot-in-the-dark to find the right psychic for you. So, in this case, we would most likely recommend other more discerning psychic networks before using the services of Psychic Center. And with the off chance that your favorite psychic will disappear one day to the next, we would probably look for a more reputable network to use.