Moonwhisper Psychic Review

Moonwhisper Psychic Review

If you are thinking of going to a psychic but really don’t want the hassle of physically trying to find one and going to their place of business, then trying out an online psychic might just be the answer for you. There are a lot of online psychic networks that you can try and Mooonwhisper is one of them.

About Moonwhisper Psychic Network

Moonwhisper Psychic Network is another one of the hundreds of online psychic network sites that have popped up over the years. They offer the usual array of psychic readings to their clients including free horoscopes which are pretty much available anywhere for free without having to join a psychic network. But they operate more like a social network than a serious psychic services network. Many people like that way of receiving psychic information and it might be something that you want to look into.

Types of Readings at Moonwhisper

The Moonwhisper psychic network offers reading over the phone and online chat. They offer readings on all sorts of life-situations including financial matters, past life readings, tarot card readings, horoscope predictions. As a member, you can send messages to other members and use chat rooms as well to talk to others as well as psychics.

Pros and Cons of Moonwhisper Psychics

Moonwhisper psychic network offers a nice way for people to communicate with each other and talk about all things psychic. There are also oracles on the side of the website that you can use to play with.

Moonwhisper psychic network offers a free initial reading but it is more like a free horoscope reading that is almost overdone and really can be accessed through a number of free sites online. Their rate of $1.99 is a bit more than most of the other online psychic network sites and that would be more appropriate for a site that offers live chats. Their other rates are higher than most other sites with an email consultation that can quickly add up to over $50.00. So you need to take care of what you ask and ensure you understand all the fees first.

Conclusion of Moonwhisper

Overall, if you are interested in the more social aspects of psychic networking, then you could find Moonwhisper as an entertaining and worthwhile way to spend your time. But be careful if you order other services as their fees add up very quickly. And, if you are looking for consistent and reliable ongoing psychic advice from a proven and reputable network then your best bet is to engage with other online psychic networks that have been around longer and are more committed to their customers.