LivePerson Psychics Review

LivePerson Psychics Review

As time goes by, there are more and more psychic networks being made available to people with no end in sight. As people become more open to receiving advice and counsel from a psychic, the demand continues to increase. Live Person Psychic Network is one network that has tried to set itself up apart from the rest.

About LivePerson Psychic Network

Live Person psychic network is unique in that it offers an innovative chat interface to connect clients with psychics. They have teams of psychics who are available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week, for their clients to interact with. They provide customer reviews so that you can go through and read some of them, to help you decide who you want to connect with.

Types of Readings at Live Person

Live Persons offers only live chat readings. It’s easy to connect with a psychic of your choice and you only have to start to pay once you have found the person you want to talk to. The psychics that work at Live Person offer advice and counseling on a variety of topics including love and relationships, tarot card readings, spell casting, soul mate connections, astrology readings, dream analysts and numerology.

Pros and Cons of Live Person Psychic Network

We love the idea of live chat with a psychic; it seems to add a bit more of personal touch. There are a lot of online reviews from customers, both positive and negative. This can help you choose who you want to work with. There is a large database of psychics to choose from with details on each psychic, so you can take your time and find someone who you think will work for you.

The website is laid out well and it’s very automated and you can just get right into chatting to a psychic. It’s easy to set up an account and get started.  There is a special offer for first-time customers in that the first three minutes are free if you purchase ten minutes or more. These three minutes go by very quickly and most other more reputable sites offer more than just three minutes to try them out.

The chat sessions are stored in a secure chat log so you can go back and reread the information which is great for those of us who have poor memories! They have some very famous psychics on this site as well, which is a bonus.

So some of the not so desirable features of this psychic network have to be the lack of customer service and the lack of a variety of other special features and offers that some of the other sites put out there. There is no way to really complain if you are not happy with your session other than deal directly with the psychic and try to work it out.

Conclusion of LivePerson Psychics

So if you are interested in taking advantage of this unique online chat service, then you should definitely give Live Person a try. But if you are really serious about working long-term with a psychic network that can offer a wider range of services with screened psychics, then we would most likely recommend a few other sites instead of Live Person.