Life Psychic Review

Life Psychic Review

If you are considering looking into using the services of a psychic network, then using the Life Psychic network might work for you, especially if you are just interested in using a psychic for entertainment purposes and not in a really serious way. I think it can be just fine to play around in the psychic realm if that is what you are into.

About Life Psychic

The Life Psychic website is fairly easy to use and they have it set up so that you can go right to the category that you are looking for. You have to choose a psychic that you want to work with; it can take a little while before you actually can connect. There are so many available, and so many options, it can take some time to sort through until you find what you are looking for.

Life Psychic advisors are also life coaches so they can offer a variety of different services for you to consider and take advantage of. You will need to stay in constant touch in order to take full advantage of this kind of service, which some people find appealing, while others don’t.

Life Psychic has worked to try to offer something unique, as in, setting clients up with a ‘lifetime; psychic, which again some people might find works for them. However, we don’t necessarily think that just having one psychic your whole life is really the answer.

Types of Readings at Life Psychic

The Life Psychic network offers a whole range of services so you are sure to find what you are looking for with just a few clicks of a button. You can find not only individual readings, whether it’s through astrology to help you find a life partner, or help with other issues such as family troubles or career choices, they are trying to provide you with all that you could possibly be looking for.

With their specialty being providing the services of a life coach as well as psychic readings, they are trying to offer two services rolled into one. This can work for some people and certainly is a unique concept that not a lot of other psychic networks are utilizing nor offering.

Pros and Cons of Life Psychic

The Life Psychic network website is set up so that it is easy to navigate. We don’t like that you have to enter your credit card right way upon the initial registration even though they say that is for age verification, not billing. We do like that as soon as you receive a psychic reading that you then are asked to provide immediate feedback – we think this works because if you don’t give feedback right away, you tend to forget.

They do offer a deal for new customers – $10 for 10 minutes which is a good way to test out a site before you fully commit.

But other than this deal, this network is more expensive than other comparable networks but they do offer some promotional and special offers; you just have to keep checking back to see what they are. You can get the first 5 minutes free, but not until you pay the minimum base price.

From what we have been able to garner about this network, their customer service skills are somewhat lacking which to us is a big red flag with any online service.

Conclusion of Life Psychic

So although the site is easy to use and they offer a wide range of services, we would say that due to the higher price and the idea that you are encouraged to use only one psychic for all your queries, we think there are other sites that offer a better value for your money. We also want to always expect and get top-notch service no matter what, so we think, again, you can get better service elsewhere.