Keen Psychics Review

Keen Psychics Review

If you are new to the psychic network world, then probably the first thing you did was go online and look around for a psychic network that caught your eye. That in of itself can be daunting as there are more online psychic networks popping up every day. The Keen network has been one of the longer operating networks around which is usually a good sign that it is here to stay.

About Keen

The Keen Psychic Network was actually started over a decade ago by a psychic and immediately started to garner a good following and a good reputation. They offer thousands of psychics to help you navigate your life better and many people have signed up to use their services over the years. It is said now, however, that Keen has been sold to AT&T and so there is a growing concern that this initial good reputation is starting to slip.

Types of Readings at Keen

You can get almost any type of psychic reading from Keen. If you are having trouble with your love life, choose a psychic who excels in this particular field. This is one aspect that sets Keen apart from the competition; you have the ability to choose which psychic you use, which means you can develop a relationship with this individual instead of getting a different advisor every time you call. You can also use their psychics to help with horoscope readings, tarot card readings, psychic readings and more.

Pros and Cons of Keen

The Keen website is easy to use and get your way around. There are no overwhelming advertisements to distract you and their specials are listed right at the top and easy to find. And they do like to offer specials to entice new clients and keep their old ones happy. You can get a short first reading for just $1.99 which means you can try them out without a huge financial investment to start off.

Keen reports to have access to thousands of certified psychics and this is where my radar goes up. Who certifies these psychics is so far undetermined and really anyone can call themself a psychic and start making money off people who are really just looking for help. As far as I could determine there are no real criteria to becoming a psychic on Keen so this is where I would tread with caution.

It’s not to say that there are not some very reputable psychics available on Keen, but it probably is not worth the risk when there are other sites that do screen their psychics and which offer excellent customer service and money-back guarantees.

Conclusion of Keen

There are so many great psychic networks out there and although Keen showed a lot of potential in the beginning, we think that the recent changes that have occurred have made it lose some of the more personal touches that it used to have. Overall, we would still recommend this site but there are others that we would recommend more.