Kasamba Review

Kasamba Review


Kasamba is a psychic online reading website with registered psychics counting close to a hundred. The website screams royalty with its purple colors, and for good reason. Hang on till the end of this article to know why. With an online presence amounting to 21 years, the website has made itself available at the topmost results on google. They even have a registered official Kasamba application in Google Play Store. Thanks to its extensive digital marketing campaign with picture-perfect scripted testimonies, the website has left no stone unturned to reach every nook and cranny of the internet. In this review, we are going to find out if Kasamba is worth every dime.


What do they offer?

Like most of the websites, Kasamba also sports a team of psychics known for their craft in their respective fields of mastery. The website home page features its top psychic practitioners with ratings of 4.8 and above. Though we expected an exceptional and unique experience, all we could say is not to judge a book by its cover. They offer all sorts of generic psychic services such as love psychic readings, career and money psychic readings, pet psychic readings, past life readings, and fortune-telling services.


Apart from these, some of the other services they provide are astrological charts, numerology, graphology, palm reading, religion, and kabbalah. However, it would be wrong to say that they would fulfill all your psychic needs here. Their basket still has space that needs to be filled up. Though they are a big name in the psychic business, we have failed to find some unique service. Almost all the services listed on their website are very generic. They can be availed from other similar websites at more competitive prices. Some websites provide better facilities and have a wider variety of services to offer than what Kasamba enlists.


The website offers a three-minute free chat service to any new customer who is trying out their luck with their uber-premium psychics. The bright side is that clients will receive these three free minutes every time they choose to register for a reading with a new psychic. These three free minutes would not be available if you chose to repeat with a previously hired psychic.


 The psychics and their readings:

Having a team of psychics close to a hundred, it is obvious that the website is home to a plethora of psychic services. But, let’s not get carried away by the numbers. Though we respect the craft and its genuine nature, yet most of the registered psychics are priced at premium ranges of $20 and above per minute, which is pricey, to say the least. The services can be availed either online via chat or by a call. The website forbids its psychics and clients to share any personal contact details or location. It specifically forbids them to contact website clients/psychics outside of the platform to ensure that utmost privacy and safety are maintained and the website doesn’t garner negative PR.


On a personal level, we tried connecting with a few psychics from different price ranges. My experience with the readings was not superb, but they weren’t bad as well. The psychics are professional and seem to ask the right questions. But it’s the reading that had me make a run for my money. Most of the statements seemed to be generic, and they took their time responding to the queries. Given that they charge close to $20 per minute, taking time to reply to queries might be too heavy on the clients’ pockets.


At a certain instance, I even felt that the psychics were way too professional in revealing only what they were being paid for. The words used were endearing, but the human touch was missing. I even had psychics declining to read, stating they were not the ones that could be of any help to me. The reading started with generic greetings and almost practiced ‘How are yous’ and ‘How do you dos’. Coming to the reading, it was full of questions rather than answers. I feel I have paid more for putting up questions rather than receiving solid answers for them. Most of the answers were generic rather than concrete. I would have rather attended a motivational talk at a lesser price than register for a psychic reading with a similar conversation line.


Surprisingly, what intrigued me in the first place was that almost all the registered psychics had all positive reviews enlisted in their profile. Though my reading experience was not so mellow, yet the reviews tell another story altogether. Even a lot of YouTube reviews aren’t that satisfactory either. Yet, the website is full of reviews that have high praises for its psychics.


What are they about:

 The website seems to be revolving around its psychics rather than its clients. There are extensive FAQs and articles on registering and continuing to be a champion psychic on the website. There is absolutely no light being shed on the clients about how they should prepare for their reading, how to go about the reading, what questions to ask, or whether or not a certain psychic is fit for their purpose. A certain client counseling would go a long way in creating a healthy buzz.


The website also charges a minimum amount to the client’s credit card. The amount lies blocked as long as the user continues to have a registered account at the website. The option of using a debit card is available only through Paypal. Though the website ensures that a full refund will be made in an unsatisfactory first-reading, exposing card details to the website seems to be a risk that many wouldn’t care to take. The website also hosts an article section explaining the various services, but it is rather theoretical than informative.


Last words:

 If you are not looking for serious reading and are having a few pennies to spare, do go for a reading at their website. The readings are good for light-hearted fun and motivation. Still, for more serious readings, there are other better options in the market. I hope this article helps in deciding upon your next psychic reading.