Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics Review

If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to jump on the ever-popular psychic network bandwagon, then we say there is no time like the present. There are more and more amazing psychic network sites popping up every day so choice has expanded exponentially. Competition has made all the networks step up and offer great service and great deals.

About Hollywood Psychics

A relative newbie to the world of online psychic networks, Hollywood Psychics has been set up for only about a year. So far so good, as they have been receiving positive feedback from their customers already. They offer email and telephone psychic advice for their clients. They seem to have a good screening process for their psychics which is very important and can quickly help to set up a good reputation. New psychics have to agree to several interviews and readings with a current psychic. This has helped them create a good database of psychics for you to choose from.

Types of Readings at Hollywood Psychics

The psychics that have been chosen to be part of this network have different specialties including tarot readings, love and relationship readings, spiritual readings, rune stone readings, dream interpretation, past life readings, and angle readings. They seem to have created a good range of skill-sets so you should be able to find someone to help you with your life issues without too much difficulty.

Pros and Cons of Hollywood Psychics

As with a lot of networks, Hollywood Psychics offers a free 5 minute reading to all first time clients. You do need to sign up first though, in order to receive this offer, and again, they ask for your credit card right upfront. They say it is to verify if you are over 18 years old.

They seem to offer good customer service and they have set up their website in an easy to use manner. They post all customer feedback even if it is negative. This is a good way to set the network up as then you can read all the reviews and that can help you choose who you want to work with. And as well, if you end up not being happy with your psychic you can opt to have another reading or have your money refunded. This makes good business sense and is a good selling feature for a new network.

The downside is that after watching this network for some time, there appears to have been an increase in their rates. If a site is new and still attracting new customers and a good following, raising rates so early-on raises a red flag. Are they having financial challenges or are they just looking to make an extra buck? This is not determinable, but this just makes the overall review for this site take a hit of a few notches.

Conclusion of Hollywood Psychics

Overall, this is a site to watch for sure. They seem to have put customer service high on their priority list and they take it seriously. So if you are open to taking a bit of risk with a new site, then you might want to give them a shot. If you are more conservative and are looking for a bit more of a guarantee and want to go with a network that has a longer history and stronger reputation, then there are some other networks which still are at the top of the pile in comparison.