History of Tarot Cards

The History of Tarot Cards


Tarot cards have been around for centuries with their original creation happening in north Italy in the mid 1400’s. They were originally called carte da trionfi, or triumph cards and had illustrations added to the original trump cards that were invented a century earlier.

Originally cards were used for play, but later these tarot cards started to be use by mystics and occultists as a way to connect with the divine or occult. They were used to read the future and create pathways to the spirits.

In Europe, the original tarot cards consisted of 78 cards in a tarot pack and each tarot has four suits. There are cards from ace to ten and four face cards. There may also be a fool card as well. Again, these cards were used to play games and in English speaking countries they are used more exclusively for divinatory purposes.

So there are many ways that psychics can use Tarot cards to conduct a psychic reading depending on what the cards are and how they are used. They can be used to answer questions about your past or present situation. You can ask questions about how to achieve a goal, or figure out how to improve a relationship.

Tarots can also be used by yourself not only with a psychic for meditation or affirmation. So for example, you can choose a tarot card that represents something that you want to improve – such as justice or strength – and then meditate on it all day and that can help manifest different things into your life.

You can also use tarot cards to study archetypal symbols. Tarots are filled with symbols and meaning and by learning how to use them you can find all sorts of different benefits they can bring into your life.

You can also use them to support a philosophy of life and spirituality. They represent a journey of life and can help you understand the patterns of life you are dealing with. They can also be used and into other spiritual beliefs.

Tarot cards can also be used by qualified psychic or counselor as a method of counseling. They can draw out some things from our unconscious mind. They can help even children to tell their stories if they are having challenges putting their feelings into words.

So there are many uses for tarot cards since they have been around for the last few centuries. Not only psychics use them but also individuals on their own. You can purchase a deck of tarot cards at many retailers and they usually come with an instruction booklet that will help you understand each card and what they imply. It can be a lot of fun as well as instructional and informative. Some people like to just play and practice on their friends too – and as long as it’s in fun it can do no harm.


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