Difference Between Psychic Readers and Psychic Mediums

Difference Between Psychic Readers and Psychic Mediums

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 23, 2011

If you are now seriously thinking about delving into the realm of psychics to help you in your life’s journey then first of all … congratulations. You are joining millions of other people who have realized that psychics are genuine and can contribute to their overall happiness and well-being. Psychics can play an important role, just like your lawyer, or banker, or even doctor.

Having a whole team of professionals around you can help you live a much happier and healthier life. But sometimes this can bring up a lot of questions. Such as how do you find a good psychic? How can sift out the scam artists from the legitimate ones? What is the difference between a psychic reader and a psychic medium?

So let’s take a look at that last question specifically here.


When it comes to psychic mediums and going this kind of person for advice or support the way that they receive messages that they then share with you is from the Spirit World. So essentially they are channeling information that is being sent down from outside of them and then telling you what they hear. This means that they are basically the go betweens.

A psychic medium is really almost detached from you and the session in a way because they are not controlling what is being said. Sometimes they almost go into a trance as the information that they are receiving can come in a myriad of ways and it can affect them in a physical way. They usually require that you sit right down in front of them physically as well as opposed to doing a channeling via the internet or phone.

Many people feel that a psychic medium’s information is more accurate and helpful than a psychic reader as they again are not censoring or withholding information based on their own filters or biases.


A psychic reader on the other hand is someone who using different tools to access information that they then share. They can use tea leaves, tarot cards, astrology, numerology etc. They can do these reading remotely through the internet, chat rooms, telephone, or in person as well. The information they share can be filtered if they so choose and you don’t really know if you are getting all the information that they know.

Still psychic readers can be very helpful and millions of people chose to work with a psychic reader rather than a psychic medium as they feel that the information is more ‘real’ as opposed to being sent down from the Spirit world. Some people question that kind of channeling whereby having their cards read seems more viable and believable.

But no matter which you chose, a psychic reader or a psychic medium hopefully you will enjoy the experience and want to try it again and again.

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