Can You Trust A Psychic Chat Reading

Can You Trust A Psychic Chat Reading

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 18, 2011

I really can’t stand if I start to feel ripped off in anyway. And in this day and age, everyone really needs to be careful especially when using the internet to purchase services or products. Unfortunately, there is a never-ending supply of people out there who do want to run scams, and there are equally as many people who are scammable.

So what can you do to protect yourself especially when it comes to online psychic readings? I mean really, can you trust a psychic chat reading if you can’t even trust your latest social media site?

Well the first thing really is just to use your own common sense. You have it, but sometimes even with the best of intentions, we can forget to you use it. If you gut says you are heading down the ripped off lane, then chances are that you will be, so bail right now!

Also, it just makes sense to be cautious. Obviously, no matter what you are trying to do online if they are asking way too many personal questions or asking for cash up front or credit card numbers before providing anything, then just be aware.

And really there are just as many legit online psychics around and finding one is not that difficult. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find someone that you can trust. Friends or family that have had good luck with an online psychic are usually more than happy to help spread the word.

But don’t throw your money around especially if you end up chatting to an online psychic who says they see a curse that only they can lift for you to cure you of your surrounding darkness – especially if they want a load of cash to do that. And if you try to sell you merchandise right away as part of the ‘cure’, then best to log out and take a walk in the sunshine instead!

No legitimate psychic is going to be aggressive or tell you what you have to do. Sessions should be open, free flowing and feel right. Again back to intuition, if you feel you are being led astray then back away. And don’t let anyone talk you into buying things or doing things that you don’t feel comfortable with.

There are lots of good, reputable online psychics out there but they may not be totally free or super cheap. You always get what you pay for, and a good session could run you a few bucks. But make sure any fees are discussed up front and don’t get suckered into an additional fee before they get to the ‘good’ part. So as long as you are careful, there is no reason that you can’t find a great online psychic that will help you with anything you want to know and leave you feeling like you have had a great psychic chat reading.