California Psychics Review

California Psychics Review

California Psychics is one of the leading psychic web sites and hotlines today, with many customer reviews favoring their fortune-telling services. Getting to know your future through palm reading, through a crystal ball, or through tarot cards are just a few methods that these psychics use. Finding one that can take an accurate reading of your fortune, however, can be rather troublesome, unless you are content with taking your chances on the virtual streets.

As one of the better-known web sites and hotlines, California psychics have many well-reviewed services available. These can range from typical over-the-phone psychic readings to a daily horoscope. Even a psychic blog is available on their website, along with a daily newsletter for more devoted followers of psychics. A psychic may not be for everybody though, so if you are intent to try one out with little skepticism, then maybe reading some reviews may help you decide.

 California Psychics Features

California psychics features many tools and services that make it a flexible fortune-telling enterprise. Everything from a psychic hotline to an online horoscope at acceptable rates and fees can be found here.

Their psychic hotline in particular features a variety of options to cater to nearly any kind of person looking for their fortune to be told:

  • Listings of fortune-tellers and their names are on the official California Psychics website.
  • Each of them has a corresponding phone number to go along with their name.
  • Each fortune teller has a unique rate; discounts can be utilized on certain days.
  • Fortune tellers may specialize in one kind or style of fortune-telling, while others can do all kinds.
  • Their real-time availability is also listed by their names and call extension numbers.
  • Each psychic can be filtered by their schedule, callbacks, specialized subject, and the tools they use to tell the fortune.
  • Employees listed on the California Psychics website have different styles of telling fortunes: Inspirational, Compassionate, and Straightforward.

At the time of writing, 257 physics are listed to be available for real-time fortune-telling on California Psychics. The constant availability of a psychic, no matter what time of day or part of the world you are in, is also one well-reviewed aspect of California Psychics. Not everybody who requests their fortune to be told does it at the same time of day as the next.

A daily horoscope is also one feature of California Psychics that is constantly being reviewed for its accuracy. Upon clicking on this feature on their website, viewers are taken to a web page where they can:

  • View their horoscope readings for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  • View their love compatibility with other horoscope signs.
  • Sign up for a daily horoscope e-mail newsletter.
  • Be referred to a psychic on the California Psychics roster.
  • View a weekly love horoscope by highlighting the images displayed beside the title.
  • A weekly horoscope is something many people from all walks of life follow, so having easy access to one on the California Psychics website may be a plus.

California Psychics also features a blog updated by their in-house psychics. Each psychic may update this blog with personal insights, tips, and fortunes for a general audience to take note of. Every blog entry is also categorized for different kinds of fortune-telling such as for destiny, life path, mind, body, or spirit. The entire blog can be browsed through by category through the convenient navigation bar on the side of the page.

Each fortune teller on California Psychics undergoes a strict screening process; two out of every one hundred psychics are accepted into their roster, according to their website. This is to ensure quality for every caller who takes advantage of their services.

 California Customer Reviews

Despite the wide array of features that California Psychics touts, customer reviews range from generally favorable to mixed. Customers who have utilized their services, whether for their first time or on a regular basis, have something to say about California Psychics.

Customers favor the free 5 minutes that new members get when signing up. The 5 minutes free offer does not require any additional fee, allowing new members to try out the service before paying for more minutes. When the 5 minutes run out, reviewers say that signing up for the newsletter may help you get discounts on their full fortune-telling services.

The quality of California Psychics themselves, however, ranges from great to spotty at best. Some have pointed out that some fortune-tellers lack substance and zeal when discussing fortunes with clients. Other customers enjoy the compassion and enthusiasm the other fortune-tellers seem to display when they are over the phone with them.

As a business, profits can sometimes get in the way of fortune-telling; psychics can sometimes try too hard to entice customers to stay on the phone for longer. A straightforward fortune teller or psychic can often get straight to telling the fortune in a matter of minutes. Finding one that does can sometimes be up to chance, some reviewers say.

Despite any apprehensions you may have about fortune-telling, the spirit world, and other supernatural deity, a psychic reading is something worth trying out. California psychics, with its mixed reviews, should provide for you a memorable psychic experience if you get lucky with the person on the other end of the line.