Asknow Psychic Review

Asknow Psychic Review

If you are serious about receiving an accurate, insightful, and informative psychic reading then there is rarely any need to look further than the AskNow psychic network. The network itself has been in existence and providing in-depth readings since as early as 1995, and has long been one of the most popular and respected networks in existence.

Our personal experience with AskNow completely backs up all of the positive reviews and testimonials that we have gathered over the years, and it is above and beyond the first network we think to call when we are in the mood for a reading or feeling the need to clarify some things in life.

While we do enjoy other networks, and there are other qualified and educated psychics out there, there is no denying that our personal experience with AskNow has confirmed that this is the #1 psychic network online today.

AskNow Psychic Screening Process

Asknow personally guarantees that each and every psychic within their network is well trained and educated in a variety of psychic fields and specialties. This means you don’t run the risk of spending money just to talk to some random man/woman that is being paid $3/hour to ask you generalized questions. Instead you will be put into contact with experienced, pleasant, engaging, and insightful psychics that have proven their ability time and time again.

While the thorough screening process is a lot more than most other online psychic networks offer, AskNow also takes it a step further by allowing customers to provide full and complete reviews of psychics after their reading. If a psychic receives bad ratings from customers then they are removed from the network in order to ensure only the best of the best remain.

AskNow Psychic Network Features

On top of being known as one of the best psychic networks available, AskNow is also well known for being able to provide consultation on practically any aspect of your life. You can consult with them on a variety of topics, including love, relationships, careers, or any number of exotic, intriguing, complex, or interesting ideas.

What we personally often rant and rave to friends and family is also the array of free features and add-ons that AskNow offers to its customers.

The network provides incredibly intuitive daily horoscopes, all kinds of articles, essays, and detailed information, and will even allow you to send in free email questions to be answered by expert psychics. This is truly ideal for people that want to delve a little deeper into their psychic potential and get more from their readings other than just predictions alone.

Actual AskNow customers that we have spoken with also noted that they really enjoyed the AskNow call back feature.  This feature allows you to leave your phone number, in case your favorite psychic is on another call, so that they can call you back as soon as they are ready to provide you with your reading.

AskNow Special Offers

While the features, add-ons, and popularity of AskNow is what has allowed us to rank it as the #1 psychic network today, the price and affordability of their readings is what most customers fall in love with them for. Whether you are looking to take advantage of a phone or chat reading, AskNow offers an unbeatable introductory offer for first time visitors in which you can receive a full 15 minute reading for just $10.

Simply put there is no other reputable and proven psychic network that comes close to being able to compete with that price.

AskNow members also benefit from a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly specials, as well as the free email readings and horoscopes that we discussed previously. Simply signing up for their free weekly newsletter gives you the advantage of receiving all kinds of coupons and special discounts that other customers won’t be a part of.

The AskNow Money Back Guarantee

Each and every customer that receives a psychic reading from the AskNow network is provided with a full, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your reading, feel your psychic did not provide enough value, or simply didn’t enjoy the experience, all you need to do is contact customer support and they will refund your money instantly.

We also found that the AskNow customer support team was amongst the best we have ever dealt with. When we have ever had a question or concern our emails are answered in a very efficient and polite manner and we have without a doubt enjoyed every minute of the experience AskNow provides us with.

Is AskNow the Best Psychic Network?

In a word, and in our opinion, absolutely.

While we do enjoy contacting other psychics and networks from time to time for a change of pace, AskNow is above and beyond our go-to network whenever we are looking for insight or an enjoyable psychic experience in and of itself. Customers from around the world rave about the psychics available, and we have yet to find one negative review for AskNow no matter where we look or who we talk to.

Needless to say, this psychic network is definitely the real deal, and we wholeheartedly give AskNow our full recommendation.  There is no doubt in our minds you are going to love every minute of talking to AskNow psychics, and we can’t wait to hear about your own personal experiences.

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