Are Pet Psychics Just Scams?

Are Pet Psychics Just Scams?

by ADMIN on OCTOBER 20, 2011

If you are a pet owner like me, you know how emotionally attached we can get to our furry friends. I’ve grown up with cats, dogs, horses, birds and can’t imagine life without at least one getting under my feet! But, it can also be pretty stressful when they get sick or if they just don’t act like their normal selves!

Since our pets can not speak to us as humans do, their actions speak for them. Usually, they communicate pretty clearly, but it is up to us if we decipher it or not. But unlike inanimate objects, pets have feelings too. It is not always a physical ailment that plagues them. At times there is an emotional aspect that is the reason for their discomfort. Plainly, no vet or trainer can cure it entirely. And the diagnosis is a challenge as well.

So what if you are genuinely at your wit’s end and are really not too sure where to turn to in this case? Well, some people have turned to pet psychics to find out the answers they are looking for in this mayhem. And if you think that pet psychics are just a scam, I’m here to tell you that they are not!



Though psychic scams are a common occurrence now, some genuine psychics can communicate with your pet. Pet psychics are not frauds; they are very much accurate as any other psychic. Unfortunately, people claiming that pet psychics are frauds have been to some really dingy and fake sessions. And that can pretty well sum up the horrible reviews.

Pet psychic frauds are increasing in numbers, thanks to scammers. Having a pet is a bliss. Anything wrong with the bliss is definite trouble to the pet parent. Pet parents have an emotional attachment to their pets and this is the weakness that scammers hit. Primarily, scammers target naïve and first-time pet parents to run such scams. They trick them into spending money without any viable results. Hence, you come across pet psychic frauds.

So, are pet psychics real?

For sure, yes! Pet psychics are real. Well, as with all gigs, sure, some are scam artists, but in general, many reputable pet psychics can do wonders to put your mind at ease when it comes to your lovable friend. There are different ways this can happen – you can do the appointment over the phone or the psychic can play a house visit, or you can take your pet to their office.

There are even some pet psychic readings that are available online. Be aware of scams, look for reputable psychic networks, and look for one with many positive testimonials. A good pet psychic should have a lot of experience and a lot of satisfied customers.

A pet psychic specializes in several fields. The fields include diagnosing emotional turmoil, the presence of other souls, healing, communicating, alleviating, and much more. Usually, you find them with a fair knowledge of animal science and behavior. They are empathetic and friendly to animals.



A few pet psychics also specialize in species and breeds of pets. Such pet psychics are dedicated and reputable. You find all excellent reviews about such pet psychics. Apart from this, you might find rare pet psychics. Some really rare pet psychics are the ones that specialize in birds and chicks. Other rare pet psychics are the ones that deal with snakes and iguanas, tortoises and turtles, and other such reptiles.

A few pet psychics also specialize in crystal healing. They can charge up crystals to help your pet relax. Crystal healing is an excellent way to treat your pets, but the discretion of the owner is required under such circumstances.

A pet psychic can do more than just help figure out why your pet is acting strangely. Even if you have taken your pet to the vet and they proclaim nothing is wrong, but you know there is – then they can help. Pets have emotional problems too, and most vets are great at determining physical causes and providing solutions, but if there is some other stress that your pet is under, a pet psychic can do wonders to help figure things out. Then you can work on helping your pet get better and be happier and back to their old self.

Pet psychics can be handy with a lot of pet peeves. Right from abnormal and pained behavior to unknown locations. A pet psychic can help you a lot. A pet psychic can also inform you if a location is suitable for your pet on not.

You can also have help locating a lost pet if that is something that you are dealing with, which can be very difficult and emotional. A pet psychic can tune in and locate distress calls that your pet will most likely be sending out to you. Imagine a child getting lost in a mall; it can be a similar experience for a lost pet. They want to be around you, and it can be as stressful for them as it can be for you. So getting support and getting reunited as soon as possible is the ideal solution.

In the end, I would only like to specify that pet psychics are not frauds. On the contrary, they are very much accurate and have little to no recognition. Pet psychics are under-rated and are usually stereotyped. It makes things worse for pet parents, and it isn’t apparent. Moreover, pet parents are remotely aware of pet psychic services—there aren’t many pet lovers who know of the existence of pet psychics.

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